Where is the best place to put the skip bin?
Where possible put the skip bin on your property. This will avoid having to obtain a Council permit. If necessary park your car on the street and place the skip bin in your driveway.
Can I move the skip bin after delivery?
No, the skip bin must remain in the same position as it was delivered. Moving a skip bin could result in the truck not being able to retrieve it, damage to your property or to the bins in which you, the hirer, will be held liable.
When do I need a Council permit?
If the skip bin is required to be placed on public land, nature strip or Council owned property you will require a Council permit. Binworx can organise this permit for you.
Will the skip bin fit under my carport or garage?
Binworx will try to place the skip in the best position for you however sometimes this is not possible as carports and garages can be difficult to access because of the skip lifting arms.
When do I pay for my bin and how do I pay for my bin hire?
Payment is required at time of booking or on delivery of skip bin. To facilitate easy payment Binworx accepts cash at time of deilvery or EFTPOS, Mastercard, Visa, AMEX (3% surcharge applies to AMEX).
How high can I fill the skip bin?
The skip bins can only be filled to the top of the skip as indicated, any higher will be considered unsafe to transport. If overfilled the excess needs to be removed. Alternatively another skip can be hired for your convenience
How much notice is required to book a bin?
We recommend that you book at least 24-48 hours in advance. Depending on how busy we are, we will do our best to accommodate a same day delivery if at all possible.
How long can I hire a skip bin for?
We offer bins for a hire period of 7 days.
Are there any additional charges?
Binworx incurs extra costs for the disposal of tyres and mattresses, which we have to pass on our customers. These additional charges are as follows:
Mattresses - $50 each, Car Tyres - $20 each, Truck Tyres - $50 each
Can I specify a delivery and pickup time for my skip bin?
We appreciate the your time is valuable. We will do our best to arrange a delivery time convenient to you. As a general rule, we do not provide time for our removals. However if you have a specific requirement we will do our best to accommodate your needs where possible.
Is there any waste that I cannot put in my skip bin?
Binworx is not able to accept asbestos, gas bottles, tree stumps, liquids, oils, tins of liquid paint, food scraps or chemical waste in solid, liquid or powder form including garden and household chemicals.
What happens if neighbours or a passerby overloads my skip bin or puts prohibited materials in it?
As the customer in possession of the skip bin you are solely responsible for what goes in it, therefore you are responsible for any costs arising if anyone puts something in the skip bin that is not allowed or if the skip bin is overloaded.